Midnight Mac and Cheese with Friends

Last weekend my friends Zack and Natalie were hungry after watching bands play at the bar and were craving mac and cheese. I called just as they were leaving the bar to find out what they were up to and offered to make them some of my mac and cheese if they wanted to come over. Mind you it was midnight… So they said they were coming and I started boiling water and turned the oven on. Zack and Natalie showed up and we had fun talking and cooking. They are both avid cooks, and it was at there party for Pampered Chef that I got my fancy can opener, so we had fun poking around in my kitchen and looking at all of my gadgets and things. I do enjoy my kitchen and like to show it off. We got a few great pictures and we laughed a lot. All over macaroni and cheese and a beer or two. At midnight, no less. Mess in the kitchen aside, that is what fun looks like, people. No planning, no stress, just good friends and good food in the middle of the night.

Recipe for mac and cheese here

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