Mother’s Day Brunch

John Carlile, Mary Raney, Patricia Carlile

Three Generations of Taurus the Bull

Today I enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day brunch at Cathy’s house and I didn’t have to cook. It was wonderful, as she is an awesome cook. Today she served a delicious Greek inspired scramble of crumbled feta cheese, cooked spinach and beaten eggs and it was do die for. Sides of thick crispy bacon, sausage links, both regular and maple, and thick Belgian waffles. She also made a fried potato dish that she added sauteed onions and peppers to, and it was pretty and delicious. She rounded it out with a mixture of fresh fruit. I contributed by squeezing about 30 oranges for fresh juice and I whipped some heavy cream with a bit of sugar and a touch of vanilla extract and we had that over the waffles. Yum and Yum! And I remembered to call my mother! Did you?

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