Mother’s Day Chocolate Options, Gluten Free, Too!

Mother’s Day is a great time to “bring it” in the form of chocolate….but Mamma Mia, there are so many wonderful and gluten free choices. This  Molten Chocolate Kahlua Cake is a great way to start. Purchased all purpose gluten free flour blends makes is simple.

Kahlua and Coffee Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Kahlua Cake with Coffee

If you like easy, try this simple Chocolate Almond Marble Mayonnaise Cake. In place of eggs and oil, we use mayonnaise for a super moist cake, no frosting needed…..(but you can if you want!)

Super easy Chocolate Marble swirl cake

Oh-so-good and super easy Chocolate Almond Marble Mayonnaise Cake

If you want an intense hit of chocolate, look no further than these Double Nut Fudge Brownies. You can omit the nuts if you want. These pack a serious chocolate fudge punch! You have been warned!

Gluten free double nut fudge brownies.

Gluten free double nut fudge brownies.

Does mom like chocolate, coconut and almonds? Those joyful little candy bars have nothing on these decadent little nuggets of love. Joyful Brownie Bites are a sure way to say “I love you” with a chocolate nibble.

Almond Joyful Brownie Bites

Almond Joyful Brownie Bites

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