Waffles and my birthday

Shiny new waffle iron

Copper colored Belgium Waffle Iron

My birthday comes in late April and it can always be counted on to be cold and rainy on that day so I have learned my lesson about outdoor celebrations in the Willamette Valley. I actually prefer not to make much of a fuss, but last year was my 40th so everyone insisted that I/we celebrate so we did. We enjoyed a nice dinner at a lovely restaurant right in the heart of Eugene and I enjoyed letting someone else do the cooking. It was fun and festive and delicious and I had reached a milestone. Go me! This year I again reverted back to the “nothing ado about something” attitude, with no party and no real plans. I had been thinking that if there was one piece of kitchen equipment I was missing it was a waffle iron. I had mentioned it conversation, but mostly had forgotten about it.

This year on my birthday, I was met with a card and an apology that my present hadn’t arrived yet. I asked if it was a waffle iron, I was told yes, and I moved on. It was three days later that a the doorbell rang late in the afternoon, the UPS truck pulling away as I swung open the door to find a brown cardboard box containing my new waffle iron. I promptly cut open the taped seams to reveal another box, this one with a picture of a waffle iron. A copper-colored-but-sort-of-burnt-orange waffle iron. I didn’t know they made such a thing, but I should have assumed. I have a bit of a thing for copper so it was not surprise that if copper was an option, that’s what I would get. I had been expecting chrome, I suppose. Anyway, plans for dinner had been made already and days have turned into another week and I have yet to fire that copper colored Belgium beauty up. So here goes some buttermilk Belgium waffles with a bit or corn meal for crunch.[button link=”http://kitchout.com/?page_id=810″]Recipe for Buttermilk Belgian Waffles Here[/button]

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